Financial Literacy

Don’t let the title fool you. This will not be a stuffy economics or business lesson, but rather a fun, interactive, real life understanding of the importance of saving and investing that will put Kuumba Currency into our campers pockets each and every day for them to decide how they want to spend or invest their own money.

Curriculum Designed By: Dawn Eddie, ETHS Math Teacher

Income: Helping our campers understand that there are multiple income sources and factors that impact their income such as education level and skill sets.

Money Management: Campers learn to identify their money personalities, understand credit and debt, and learn the benefits of saving and investing their money and taking advantage of compound growth.

Power of Money: Discussions about the influence of money and the value people place on money help our young men begin to think about how their life can be impacted by their hopes and fears around wealth and poverty.

Earning Real Money: Campers earn Kuumba Currency every day for a wide range of behaviors and actions. Kuumba Currency can be used to purchase treats or experiences and can also be traded in for bigger prizes at the end of camp.