There are few greater discoveries than the many worlds found by reading great books. Campers of each college select and dive into a different age appropriate book that is centered around the lives of young Black men. Within their college, campers and counselors read and discuss the book together. Campers are also encouraged and rewarded for reading other books independently during the camp and beyond.

Curriculum Designed By: Lesley Williams, Truman College, & Betsy Bird, Evanston Librarian

Discussion: Kids don’t want to feel like they’re in school during the summer, so book discussions are created as conversations that connect the book to their own personal lives and stories.

Follow the Leader: Children need to see their role models enjoying books so camp staff model their love of reading by actively reading in camp and being deeply involved in book discussions.

Book Promotions: Campers can read additional books from the library and earn camp cash by promoting their book through presentations to their colleges and families.

Beyond: Campers have the opportunity to join their college book club after camp ends and connect virtually to discuss new books throughout the year.