Campers learn the skills and strategies for a wide variety of sports so they can see for themselves what other sports are out there for them to excel at and enjoy.

Curriculum Designed By: Chris Livatino, ETHS Athletic Director

Skills & Drills: Three days each week, our campers are introduced to a new sport and taught the basic fundamentals through fun skills and drills.

Tournaments: The four teams in each college compete in a daily tournament for the sport they learned that morning to better understand the rules and strategy of that sport so they have the experience and confidence to keep playing it after camp ends.

Choice: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, campers get “Free Choice” where they can choose to compete in whatever sports they like including basketball, football and track.

Olympic Games: The four families will compete in the culminating Camp Kuumba Olympics on Friday, July 23. Campers will vote on the sports they’ve enjoyed the most during the past three weeks to determine the sports they will compete in for the Olympic Games.