Family Time

Each day begins and ends with campers spending time with their camp “family” made up of two boys from each grade level, two ETHS counselors and a director. This creates a mentorship opportunity for our older campers and provides role models for our younger campers.

Breakfast: Every morning, campers learn the importance of a healthy breakfast while the older campers serve the younger boys in their families.

Daily Role Models: After breakfast, campers meet and learn from a different Black man with Evanston ties as they share the wisdom they’ve learned from their struggles to their achievements.

Lunch: Campers eat lunch and then play fun games with their families after getting a brief lesson on financial literacy that pays them for the day before and allows them to either buy a treat or invest their money for a longer term goal.

Community Service: At the end of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, families work on a community service project that they create from scratch and use to give back to their community.

How Was Your Day? At the conclusion of Field Trip Days on Tuesday and Thursday, campers learn to share what they discovered on their adventures within their families. They gain confidence in public speaking while also learning to be a good audience and affirm each other’s stories from that day.