Equity & Empowerment for Evanston Families


Equity & Empowerment for Evanston Families’ mission is to serve families of color in Evanston that have been marginalized by structural racism by providing access to parental resources while empowering their children through mentorship programs, academic supports, discovery opportunities and real world experiences.


Our children of color will have the same opportunities and supports as every other child in Evanston. We will do this by partnering with the wide variety of community organizations and by soliciting and utilizing the talents and time of volunteers (known as villagers) through our Eight Pathways to Success.


Family Support Network

  • Access 365 days a year to a liaison or other villagers that can assist with needs in a multitude of ways


  • Long term relationships developed through program participation and built on common interests


  • Provide an academic coach for each child on a weekly basis throughout the entire school year

Building Healthy Relationships

  • Our children will learn the value and importance of good relationships. This is essential to our mission and the overall development of each child, and helps them develop networking skills.

Interest Exploration and Discovery

  • Our children will be actively engaged in activities and explorations that help them find their passion and purpose in life

Career Discovery and Development

  • We will partner with businesses that provide internships, apprenticeships and jobs as our children get older

Financial Literacy

  • Our children will learn basic financial literacy and have the opportunity to earn money that’s placed into an investment account which they can access when they graduate high school

Community Service

  • Our children will learn to give back and pay it forward through participation and leadership in community service